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Yellowstone Bluffs B&B is an intimate bed and breakfast in the historic western town of Miles City, Montana

The Yellowstone Bluffs Bed and Breakfast is owned and operated by Dick and Pat Wiseman. As we begin our fourth year of operations, we are excited to welcome guests to our home. Remodeled with our own comfort and enjoyment in mind, we look forward to sharing our vision of Hospitality - Style - Comfort with our guests.

Located in the picturesque western town of Miles City, Montana, this intimate B&B offers quiet comfort with great access to the city and many surrounding recreation areas.  The B&B sits on sandstone bluffs overlooking the Yellowstone River and the expanse of the city beyond.

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We invite our guests to sign our guest book and comment on their stay.  We will share those comments, good and bad, on this page.

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