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 Yellowstone Bluffs B&B

  • Common Gathering Area
  • Presidents Suite
  • Spa Suite
  • Beach Suite
  • Outdoor Dining Deck
  • Pond and River View Deck
  • Sun Room Dining
  • Lounge
Common Gathering Area1 Presidents Suite2 Spa Suite3 Beach Suite4 Outdoor Dining Deck5 Pond and River View Deck6 Sun Room Dining7 Lounge 8

Yellowstone Bluffs B&B is an intimate bed and breakfast in the historic western town of Miles City, Montana. It sits on sandstone bluffs overlooking the Yellowstone River and the expanse of the city beyond.

Hospitality - Style - Comfort

We offer western hospitality, prairie style and exceptional comfort.  Each guest room has a private bath. Two rooms have king beds and one has a queen bed. All rooms face the river and city and have sunny sitting alcoves to enjoy the view.

All rooms have flat screen TV's and wireless internet access.

Our breakfasts are homemade and can be served in room or in our dining area. We use local and regional products when possible.
Dick and Pat Wiseman
Yellowstone Bluffs B&B is owned and managed by Dick and Pat Wiseman